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Logan Racing is owned by Dr. James Logan of St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Logan has been involved in automotive racing for over 20 years. Dr. Logan started racing in the 1970's with quarter midget cars and has progressed over time to team ownership of a U.S.A.C. Silver Crown Division team. Dr. Logan is now seeking sponsorship affiliates and marketing partnerships to field developing drivers into the ranks of U.S.A.C., the Indy Car Series and NASCAR!

The IRL was created by Anton "Tony" George. Tony George owns the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In an effort to restore oval track competition and to create an "open market" he began what is for a time called the "Indy Racing League", which is currently the Indycar Series. The concept of the "open market" is important to racing organizations like Logan Racing because it allows a lower cost for market entry. There are no franchise fees in the Indy Car Series.

For the marketing partner, television coverage of all Indy Car series events is provided. This coverage would translate into significant exposure for the partner regardless of the special nature of Logan Racing.

A program designed to allow Logan Racing and major marketing partners to give something back to the community is "Racing To Read". The program is designed to help fund the existing urban reading programs that target youth. This is the first step in Logan Racing's "Exposure to Engineering" plan. A portion of the revenue will fund the "Racing To Read".

The Goal of Logan Racing is to field a well-financed, highly competitive Indy Car team that happens to be the first African-American owned Indy Car series team. Logan Racing also strives to support our sadly under-funded urban education.

We are seeking marketing partners that will want all of the normal benefits of race car sponsorship plus the added special benefit of making history. If you are interested in joining our team I will personaly call you to discuss our marketing partnership program.

Dr. Jim Logan and Mark Bridges:

Doc n Bridges