David Lambert is a dedicated road racer who started in 1999 on a zx6r that he tuned himself while driving from race to race. After winning novice races, Lambert turned pro in 2002 and two years later the 24-year-old from Pueblo, Colorado entered the AMA ranks. Despite a rocky start Lambert found his groove after competing in a variety of divisions including Formula Xtreme, Supersport and AMA Superstock. After claiming 30th in the Formula Xtreme series Lambert progressed dramatically and in 2005 he was ready for Superbike.

In 2006 Lambert connected with a Season rider buy the name Doug Chandler. Lambert , working with the Italy Company on marketing product and advertising well into 2008 help his racing effort .Dave Lambert took time off and to raised a son and run couple race now and then because the funding he had. Well now He is back and ready to push he's way though the pack so look out here comes, Dave (D-rocket) Lambert in the AMA. Since 1999, Dave worked hard to take on the other Pro Riders, With a family to support and a dream on the line he works over time to keep it up. He had demonstrated his ability to to balance his personal life while actively riding, training and pursuing his dream. His motto that keeps his going is:

"Money can buy talent, but money can't buy heart and determination of one's dream."


  • 1999 Finished Top 20 novice
  • 2000 Finished Top 10
  • 2001 Finished Runner up
  • 2002 Finished Top 15 MRA expert
  • 2002 Finished Top 30 in AMA Pro Race


  • 2003 Finished Top 20 in AMA PRO Racing Nationals
  • 2004 Traveled to nationals
  • 2005 Finished Runner up in Supermoto MRA to Class's
  • 2005 Raced For Team Green
  • 2006 TEST Rider


  • 2007 Finished Top 3 in four MRA Class championships
  • 2008 Finished Top 5 in MRA
  • 2010 Returned to superbike Top 3 MRA
  • 2011 Developmental driver for Logan Racing
  • 2011 Developing TEAM Lambert