Born: Dessie Ethiopia
Birthday: November 6, 1974
Country: Sweeden
Nationality: Swedish
Studies: economics, track and field school
Sports fan: soccer, track and field, ishockey
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite actors: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Halle Berry
Music: Bruce Springsteen
Racing heroes: Jp-Montoya, Damon Hill
Hobbies: Tennis, running, travel

Racing Accomplishments

  • 8/30/2003 - Endurance Karting, South Bend, IN 300: 3rd Place in GT Pro Class
  • 5/10/2003 - Endurance Karting, LimeRock, CT 300: 1st Place in GT Pro Class
  • 12/7/2002 - Endurance Karting, Jacksonville, FL 300: 2nd Place in GT Pro Class and 2nd in Overall event
  • 11/9/2002 - Endurance Karting, Charlotte, NC 400: 2nd Place in GT Pro Class and 3rd in Overall event
  • 2000 - Monrovia Raceway: In 5 races placed 7th Overall with 2 top 3 finishes